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Dr. Vijay Kumbhar, Rayat Shikshan Sanstha's D. G. College of Commerce, Satara

Chairman, The Rayat Sevak Cooperative Bank Ltd. Satara (From 11th August 2015)
Dr. Vijay M. Kumbhar (M.A., Ph.D, B.Ed, NET, SET, GDC&A, DIT)
Assistant Professor, (Economics & Banking) , Director , Banking Examination Guidance Center,   
Dhananjayarao Gadgil College of Commerce, Satara , Dist-Satara (Maharashtra) India PIN 415 001
Permanent Address : Prof. Dr. Vijay M. Kumbhar, A/p Talsangi, Tal. Mangalwedha,  Dist. Solapur Pin 413 319 
email -  Cell No - 09860176059

Academic & Research Contribution
 Teaching Experience (UG) : 15 years 03 Months
 Teaching Experience (PG) : 04 years
 Research Papers Published : 36 Papers
 Google citation - 182     H Index - 08       i-10 Index -08
 Minor Research Project : 02 Completed (UGC & Mumbai University)
 Major Research Project : 01 funded by ICSSR, Delhi (Rs. 13,00,000)
 Research Papers Presented : 20 Papers
 Awards : 02 awards for best research papers (by SUEAK)
 State Level Award for Best contribution - D.A. Shinde Pratishtan, Pune 
 Co-Author Text Books : 23 Books (Shivaji Uni.; Mumbai Uni. & Jalgoan Uni.)
 Author of Reference Books : 02 Books Published by “Scholars Press, Germany”
 Research Guide : M.Phil Research Guide (Shivaji University) 
 Reviewer/Referee of Journals : 07 National & International Research Journals
 Research Consultant :at Rayat Institute of Research and Development, Satara

Major Responsibilities & Active Participation in Various Academic Activities 
 Chairman, The Rayat Sevak Coop. Bank Ltd. Satara (having Business of Rs. 1800 Cr.) 
 Chairman of Research & Extension Committee DGCC, Satara
 Coordinator, Autonomous College Committee, DGCC, Satara
 Member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), DGCC, Satara
 Assistant Coordinator of Rayat Quality Management System, DGCC, Satara
 Coordinator of Career Oriented Course in Banking, DGCC, Satara
 Coordinator of IBPS Center, DGCC, Satara 
 Life Member of Marathi Arthashastra Parishad, Mumbai
 Life Member of Shivaji University Economics Association, Kolhapur (Maharashtra)
 Life Member of Indian Economics Association, New Delhi 
 Editor/Reviewer of 07 National & International Research Journals

Ph. D. in E-Banking (Alternative Banking)  
“An Empirical Study on Alternative Banking (e-Banking) and Its Impact on Customers’ Satisfaction: A Case Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in Satara City”  under the guidance of Prof. Dr. V. B. Jugale. Shivaji University, Kolhapur, 

Minor& Major Research Project
A) Minor Research Project Completed 
• Alternative Banking and Its Impact on Customers Satisfaction: A case study of Banks in Satara City, Rs. 75,000 Submitted to UGC New Delhi. 
• “Problems and Prospects of Agri-Tourism Business: An Empirical Investigation of Ratnagiri & SindhudurgDistricts in Maharashtra” (Rs. 40,000) is sanctioned by University of Mumbai, Mumbai 
B) ICSSR Major Research Project Completed
Major Research Project on “An Analytical Study on Bureaucratic Corruption and Reforms in Civil Services, Rs. 13 Lakh sanctioned by Indian Council of Social Science Research ICSSR, New Delhi
Books Published 

Awards Received 
1. V. M. Dandekar (Great Economist) Prize for best research paper Presented entitled “The New Trend in Indian Banking” In 19th  Annual conference of SUEAK at Balwant College, Vita (Sangli), on 12 and 13th January, 2008.
2. Dr. ChintamanraoDeshamukh (First Indian Governor of RBI) Prize for best research paper Presented entitled “Information Asymmetry and Failure of E-Banking Services: A Study (Marathi)”In 21st Annual conference of SUEAK at Yashwantrao Chavan College, Halkarni (Chandagad) Dist-Kolhapur, on 25 and 26th December, 2010
3. State Level Award for Best Contribution in Kumbhar Community in Maharashtra, Awarded by the Kumbhar Samajonnati Mandal, Mumbai (Year 2016)
4. State Level Award for Best Performance in Banking Sector, Awarded by the Hon'ble Shri. A. D. Shinde Pratishtan, Pune  (Year 2016)

Research Papers Published in National & International Journals 
  1. Agro-Tourism: Scope and Opportunities for the Farmers in Maharashtra,Indiastat E-journal in sep-oct. 2009 Socio Economic ISSN)
  2. Alternative Banking: A Modern Practice in India, Professional Banker (Online and Offline),  ICFAI  University  press,    issue of December 2009. Professional Banker, Vol. IX, Issue 9, December 2009, The ICFAI University Press. ISSN-0972-5121
  3. Crisis in Sugar Cooperatives In Maharashtra (India), in sep. 2009.  (Review Type Article)
  4. भारतातील सार्वजनिक बॅंकांमधील ईबँकिंग सेवांचा विकास” Published in Arthasanvad issue 22, Vol 3, Oct- Dec 2009, ISSN 0973-8452pp 214-222 
  5. Kumbhar V M (2009). Industrial Depression and Problems of SMEs in India.
  6. Increased Customers' Complaints in E-Banking Environment: Evidences from Indian Banking IndustryInternational Journal of Management Research and Technology(Vol.4 No.2 July-Dec 2010). pp: 433–440., ISSN: 0974-3502, Serial Publication New, Delhi.
  7. Efficiency  of  Commercial Bank: A Study of Commercial Banks in IndiaETHOS (Refereed Journal), KBPIMSR, Satara", June 2010, pp-46-50; ISSN-0974-6706
  8. भारतातील अन्नसमस्या : मुलभूतपरिक्षणYOJANA, GOI, Publication Division, October, 2010, Vol-38, Issue-3 pp—52;  ISSN- 0971-8397
  9. राष्ट्रीयकृत व खाजगी बँकातील ए.टी.एम सेवा वापरणाऱ्या ग्राहकाच्या समाधान पातळीचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यासArthasanvad, Issue of Oct- Dec 2010, ISSN 0973-845234, 03, pp 236-243
  10. Agro-Tourism: A Cash Crop for Farmers in Maharashtra (India), MPRA Paper No. 25187, posted 21. September 2010 20:11 UTC,
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  16. Financial Inclusion Through M-Banking Services: Scope and Problems in India, Kumbhar, Vijay, (Working Series paper uploaded on online data base of MPRA)
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Articles Published in Local News Papers (Marathi)
  1. 1.      Savadhan Malthus Jaga Hotoy”Regarding Malthusian Theory and Present Experiences,Published by Daily Pudhari, Kolhapur (Maharashtra) on 14 July 2007
  2. 2.      Durdamya Ashwad HawaRegarding to farmers suicides in Maharashtra was published by Daily Pudhari Kolhapur (Maharashtra) on 08 Sept. 2007.
  3. 3.      Arthvyavasthecha Kana Mazbut Karavayacha Aasel Tar regarding to agricultural policy was published by Daily PudhariKolhapur (Maharashtra) on 29 March 2008.
  4. 4.      Sarkari Babu Malamal Parantu Ramu Kangal regarding to Wage disparities in Govt. employees and unorganized workers was published by Daily Pudhari Kolhapur (Maharashtra) on 26 april 2008.
  5. 5.       “ArogyaSaksharataRegarding Health Literacy and Awareness in India was published by Daily Pudhari,Kolhapur (Maharashtra)on11 Sept. 2008.
  6. 6.      SEZ PrashnaShetjaminichaRegarding to problems of SEZ policy in India, was published by Daily Pudhari on 20 Dec 2008.
  7. 7.      “Inclusive E-Banking Services in India: Need for Big Economic Power” was published in Special Supplement entitled Bharat Ek Mahasatta of Daily Pudhari on 02/01/2011
  8. 8.      “Payabhut Seva-Suvidhasathi ThodiKhushi Thoda Gam” ( Relating to Provisions made in Budget 2011-12 for Infrastructural Facilities) was published in Special Supplement entitled Arthasankalpa 2011-12 of Daily Pudhari on 01/03/2011
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Delivered Lecture on  E-Banking Services in India/Share Market/Research Methodology
  1. 1.      Arts commerce and Science College, Gadhingalaj Dist- Kolhapur
  2. 2.      Manohar Khapne College of Arts and Commerce, Pachal, Tal-Rajapur, Dist- Ratnagiri
  3. 3.      Abasaheb Marathe College, Rajapur Dist- Ratnagiri
  4. 4.      Y.C. College, Pachwad Dist-Satara
  5. 5.      Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Patil Mahavidyalaya, Rahimatpur  Dist- Satara
  6. 6.      D. G. College of Commerce, Satara 2010
  7. 7.      YashwantraoChavan College, Pachwad, Dist-Satara
  8. 8.      Dahiwadi College, Dahiwadi Dist-Satara
  9. 9.      NSS Camp of DG College  of Commerce, 2014-15
  10. 10.  Balasaheb Desai College, Pathan, Dist-Satara
Delivered Lecture on “Employment Opportunities in Banking & Finance Sector” 
  1. 1.      Shardaschandra Pawar Mahavidhyalaya, Lonand Dist-Satara
  2. 2.      Maharshi Vitthal Ramaji Shinde Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Satara  
  3. 3.      Kisan Veer College, Wai, Satara 
  4. 4.      Mudhoji College, Phaltan, Satara
  5. 5.      Arts and Commerce, College, Pusegaon, Satara 
  6. 6.      Milanben Mehata College, Panchagani Dist-satara
  7. 7.      Chh. Shivaji College, Satara 
  8. 8.      S.M. Joshi College, Hadapsar Pune
  9. 9.      Chh. Shahu College, Kolhapur
  10. 10.  Dr. BabasahebAmberdkar College, Aundh Pune
  11. 11.  Burla Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Solapur
  12. 12.  Arts, Commerce & Science College, Palus, Sangli
  13. 13.  Savitribai Phule Mahila Mahavidhyalay, Satara 
  14. 14.  Arts and Commerce, College, Wagholi, Satara
  15. 15.  Y.C. College, Pachwad, Satara 
  16. 16.  Bapuji Salunkhe College, Satara
  17. 17.  Shirpatrao Kadma Mahavidhyalay, Shirwal Dist-Satara
  18. 18.  KBP College, Pandharpur Dist -Solapur
  19. 19.  Arts & Commerce College, Madha Dist- Solapur
  20. 20.  KBP College, Islampur Dist-Sangli
  21. 21.  Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil Mahavidhyalaya, Solapur